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The Bible Course for groups

An eight-session course helping you explore the BIG story.

Whether you’re well versed in Scripture or new to the Bible, The Bible Course offers a superb overview of the world’s best-selling book. The course will increase your confidence, equip you to read the Bible better and help you to see its relevance to daily life. Over eight interactive sessions, it combines video teaching, group discussion, personal reflection and daily readings. 

Meeting people in groups, where everyone shares their thoughts and experiences, lies at the heart of The Bible Course as everyone learns from each other.

Choose how you’d like to run your course

A typical session includes:

  • Welcome from the Course host
  • 15-minute teaching video
  • 25-minute discussion time
  • 15-minute teaching video
  • 10-minute personal reflection to finish
  • Daily readings between sessions

'If you are looking for a course to help your Church or small group engage and understand the story of the Bible, can I encourage you to look at The Bible Course. The Bible is the only book that we can read in the company of the author which is an incredible thought. The Bible Course will enrich you and you will discover truth, wisdom and guidance.'

J.John – Reverend Canon

Take a look at Session one

Thinking about doing The Bible Course? Watch the first session for free and browse the accompanying manual content.

The Bible Course – Online

Already a group host? Go to the hosts area. Signed up as part of a course? View the sessions.

Buy now for only £14.99

In response to recent restrictions, we set about developing an exciting new way for small groups to experience The Bible Course, online.

This improved experience works alongside your favourite online conferencing tools like Zoom and Skype, overcoming poor quality video sharing, so that the whole group experience works in an integrated way. Group hosts can now share a link within the call, allowing the whole group to directly access the session content and videos for themselves.

Once the link is shared, group members can play the video at the appropriate point as the group host guides them through the content including discussion questions, personal reflections and daily readings. There’s also a handy online Bible to refer to relevant passages, just one click away!

If you need some more help, check out our handy FAQs.

YouTube videos require performance and advertising cookies, or .
Or if you would prefer watch it on the YouTube website.

Key benefits

  • Free for group members
  • Easy to access – one link for group members to access all the content they need
  • Run as many groups as you like – Once group hosts have purchased The Bible Course online, they can run as many small groups as they wish, as many times as they like
  • Daily reading reminders – get your daily readings and devotions emailed to you each day

Buy it now

Buy The Bible Course online for just £14.99

After purchasing you’ll be emailed a link to get started with hosting The Bible Course online.

Buy now

Contact us

We have many years of experience in running The Bible Course. Do get in contact if you require further support or have questions about running your course.

The Bible Course – In person

Already own The Bible Course? Access your resources now.

Whilst we may be getting used to meeting with people online, there’s nothing better than getting together with our friends and family face to face – when it’s safe to do so. Meeting in person is great for building better connections, encourages engagement and helps the group to maintain focus.

Course manuals accompany the video teaching with notes, quotes and visuals to help you remember key information from the sessions. Only the digital download currently includes a subtitled version of the films.

Key benefits

  • Meet in person – use the downloadable videos or DVDs at any venue to do The Bible Course together
  • Build friendships – meeting face to face is great for building friendships and involving the whole group 
  • Additional host content – free host resources including discussion starter questions and group meal suggestions 
  • Run as many groups as you like – once group hosts have purchased the videos they can run as many small groups as they wish, as many times as they like 
  • The Bible Course manuals – take advantage of our manual bundle offers, for a range of group sizes

Choose your bundle, then personalise your quantities. Save 10% on manuals when you order six or more. Manuals are also available in Welsh

You’ll need at least one set of course videos (mp4 downloads or DVDs), and everyone doing the course needs a manual.

Buy now

Church bundle

Get 40 manuals and a set of course videos.

Video download bundle
DVD bundle

Small group bundle

Get 10 manuals and a set of course videos.

Video download bundle
DVD bundle

Personal bundle

Get 1 manual and a set of course videos

Video download bundle
DVD bundle

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