We followed several groups as they progressed through the eight-week course. Here’s what they had to say.

Graham Slight, Hull Community Church

At the age of 22, Graham learnt to read using the Bible and was keen to learn more. The course has given him an overview of the Bible in a way that made sense as well as the confidence to share his learning with others.

Simon Ronald, Romford Baptist Church

Before the course, Simon struggled to read the Bible – from finding the time to understanding the ‘black holes’ of the Old Testament. After just eight weeks he found a new ‘respect’ for the Bible.

Esther Brown, The Stowe Church, Swindon

Esther was brought up as a Christian and had a Bible from a young age but she didn’t really know where to start with it. By the end of the course, the Bible had ‘come to life’ and gave her a desire to read it more and talk to others about it.

Beth Dent, The Stowe Church, Swindon 

Beth is very comfortable reading some books of the Bible but wanted the confidence to challenge herself a bit more. The course has helped her to understand the bigger picture and the relevance of the Bible.

Liz Harvey, Romford Baptist Church

David Trendell, The Stowe Church, Swindon

Carol Fitzpatrick, Hull Community Church

Susan Young, Romford Baptist Church

Bringing the Bible to life

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