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Darllenwch hwn yn Gymraeg

The Greatest Miracle of All resources

Our Easter resources feature a new children’s Easter booklet called The Greatest Miracle of All (for ages 7 – 11) accompanied by an easy pop-up service.

The Greatest Miracle of All Booklet

Our new Easter booklet for children, begins with the last supper, takes us through the crucifixion of Jesus and ends with the greatest miracle of all – the resurrection of Jesus!

Wonderfully written by Bob Hartman, it’s a perfect give-away for children in your family, community and school to share the gospel message. For ages 7 – 11.

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Pop-up service

Perform The Greatest Miracle of All at your church – no rehearsal necessary! Download the free script, and then all you need is an enthusiastic congregation and maybe some homemade costumes.

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Welsh resources

The Greatest Miracle of All Booklet (Welsh)

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Pop-up service (Welsh)

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Part of our Lent, Easter and Pentecost collection.

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