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What is Lent and why is it celebrated?

Wondering what Lent is and why it’s celebrated? Explore the inspiration behind the event – and whether it might have anything to offer you today.

Meditation on love

Want to take time to reflect on the healthy relationships in your life, and remind yourself of the value you add to others? Using ancient words of wisdom, this guided meditation is designed to help you feel loved and love...

Meditation on new beginnings

Preparing for a new beginning or in a season of change? This guided meditation is designed to help you process your emotions in the midst of change.

What happens in the Bible? Here's the TL;DR Version ...

What actually happens in the Bible? We summarise the major plot points of an ancient text with over 700,000 words ...

Where do I start with the Bible?

Not sure where to begin with the Bible? This guide offers a few tips to help Bible newbies get started ...

Does the Bible have to sound old?

Think the Bible sounds old? Discover why that doesn’t have to be the case – and which Bible translations might be worth exploring ...

What is the Bible about?

Ever wondered: what is the Bible actually about? Discover more about this ancient collection of writings, and how they fit together, with this quick read ...

7 ways the Bible could be a part of your spiritual search

Spiritually curious? Discover seven ways that the Bible’s ancient writings could help in your spiritual search today ...

Was Jesus a Capricorn?

When was Jesus born? Would he have shared his birthday with the Caps out there? Or do the signs point to a different point in the calendar – and why does it matter?

Were the Magi astrologers?

Were the Magi astrologers? In this piece, we investigate the stargazing practices of this mysterious group of individuals in the Christmas story ...

Who were the Magi?

You might know them from that well-known Christmas carol or as the stargazing experts in your school nativity play, but who really were the Magi?

The Bible: What actually is it? And why is it so important?

It's the world's bestseller. But what actually is the Bible? Discover why this ancient book is still so influential, and why millions of people read it today.

Man or Myth? Is there evidence that Jesus existed?

Was Jesus a real person or is he simply a work of fiction? Is there any evidence outside of the Bible? Discover if there is any proof for Jesus' existence.

Easter Reborn: From the Rites of Spring to the Rising of Jesus

Chocolate eggs. The Easter Bunny. Does Easter have ancient pagan roots? How did it become associated with Jesus? Discover the true origins of Easter.

How to not worry

Wondering how to stop worrying? Want to help calm anxiety? Try this ten-minute guided meditation based on ancient words of peace.

Who actually wrote the Bible? Discover the real authors

The Bible was written by over 40 different authors across 2,000 years. Who were they? What are their names? And what can we know about them?

The story of the Bible, summarised in 6 key themes!

The Bible is one big book made of many little books. But does it have a coherent plot? What are the main themes? Discover the storyline of the Bible.

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