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Six Beats One Story

Experience the Bible's story in just six scenes with Six Beats One Story – a new creative devotional by Dai Woolridge. Listen, learn, and be inspired!


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ISBN: 9780564034130

Author: Dai Woolridge

Pages: 72

Dimensions: 210mm x 148mm

Format: Paperback

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Six Beats One Story is a brand-new creative devotional that takes you through the whole Bible story. Summing up the Bible narrative in just six scenes, Dai Woolridge unpacks the big story through colloquial prose, social media-type posts and spoken word poetry.  

The aim is to creatively retrace some of the key beats in the Bible story, and ask the question, ‘In light of Jesus, what does this mean for us today?’

Links to audio tracks give you the opportunity to listen along to the spoken word poetry and creatively respond yourself.  

Join Dai on this journey through the Bible and may you be inspired, entertained, challenged and changed! View the online resources.

‘The Bible is a love story from God to us, which showcases the Father’s unrelenting heart to rescue broken people through his Son, Jesus. If you’re a newbie to the Bible or just after a refresh, may this book encourage you to pick up the original.’ (Dai Woolridge)


‘Dai’s words lift off the page, engage the senses and land in the heart.’ – Tim Jupp, Head of Big Church Festival

‘These Bible beats will draw you in, move you on and leave you wanting more!’ – Dr Andrew Ollerton, author of The Bible: A Story That Makes Sense of Life


  • A journey through the Bible in spoken word poetry
  • Six audio tracks and video beats which unpack the big story of the Bible
  • Unique interactions based on seven elements: sum-up beat tweet, verse to rehearse, the beat in a nutshell, spoken word, reflect, respond and pray.

Coming soon!

A new youth resource based on Six Beats One Story. Find out more


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