The Bible: A Story That Makes Sense of Life

What is the Bible and how is it relevant to me? This book is the perfect read for anyone asking those questions in the 21st century. The Bible: A Story That Makes Sense of Life helps readers see how the narratives and themes of the Bible connect to their own lives.

The Bible: A Story That Makes Sense of Life
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ISBN: 9781529327007

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For people of all ages, stories are captivating. Stories resonate deeply with us and help us empathise with different people.

The Bible has been called the greatest story ever told. In this new book, Andrew Ollerton explores how the story of the Bible not only helps us understand our own lives but gives us a framework for making sense of life in general. We can see how the narratives in the Bible mirror the narrative arcs we go through.


  • Each chapter is broken into seven sections with accompanying Bible reading references, making it easy to read as a daily study over six weeks
  • Helpful diagrams and maps are integrated throughout.

The book will also provide a model for Bible communicators and church leaders wishing to engage more deeply with the relevance of the Bible in our ever-changing culture. 

Wherever you stand with the Bible, whether you are seeking to find out its meaning for your own life or just want to know more about its stories, this book is a fantastic starting point.

Honest, revealing insight into the bestselling book of all time.

Bear Grylls, adventurer and Chief Scout

A very human, accessible read that will open your eyes and cause you to open your Bible.

Paul Kerensa, comedy writer and stand-up comedian

A really helpful guide for those wanting to understand the world’s most influential book.

Elizabeth Oldfield, Director of Theos


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