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Good News Bible – Family Edition

The GNB Family Edition is an award-winning Bible with a unique design and hundreds of engaging and interactive elements to help families dig into Scripture together.


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ISBN: 9780564081776

Author: Various

Pages: 1296 + 32 full-colour

Dimensions: A4

Format: Hardback

Published date: 07 October 2021

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Here at Bible Society, we believe that the Bible should be at the centre of family life, as something that is experienced together. But when we looked at the family Bibles currently available, we realised that they actually weren’t designed in a way that a family could engage with them together.

So in partnership with our good friends at Youth for Christ (along with a plethora of other family focused organisations) we set to work to create a Bible that is truly designed for a family to engage with together.

We involved a broad and diverse range of different families in the concept and design to ensure we created something that would authentically meet the needs of those who engage with it. The end result? A Bible that is designed to not just bring you closer to God, but closer to each other.

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Good News Bible – Family Edition

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Key Features

  • Removable and reusable ‘whiteboard’ jacket, for writing, drawing and being creative
  • Unique landscape page layout that encourages family engagement around the Bible
  • Over 400 interactions throughout, based on the themes of Think, Chat, Do, Create and Watch
  • Loads of space inside for writing, doodling and drawing
  • 26 online videos that help guide, support and unpack the tricky bits as you journey through the Bible
  • An online community of Family Bible users, where you can share ideas, stories and offer each other support
  • Regular new content that can be downloaded or printed for free, with content based on feedback and suggestions from active users of the Bible


We absolutely love the Family Edition Bible in our home because it has made our family Bible study time more exciting and engaging. Having children in different age groups often comes with the challenge of keeping everyone involved simultaneously in conversations around Scripture, but the layout and contents of this Bible have helped us overcome this. It’s not a book to be kept pristine, untouched on the shelf, but one that gets scribbled on and coloured in, one that captures the family’s faith journeys and one that I think would serve as another way of creating true family memories to be treasured. 

I had the loveliest time last night with my kids exploring it.  My two children were at the table with the resource and were completely engrossed in it! 

It will be amazing when I’m an old lady to look back through and see all that’s been written and drawn in there over decades of family life. 

It will just be out on the side, and something that is for everyone, part of a busy, bustling kitchen table. Thanks so much for all you have done to create it!

Youth for Christ working in partnership with Bible Society have created a real gem for the whole family to read, take note, and listen together as the Holy Spirit brings to life this amazing library of 66 books.

The Good News Bible – Family Edition will go a long way to help families grow together as they dig deep in this wonderful treasure. I have road-tested it with a family whose appetite for reading it together has grown exponentially.


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