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Good News Bible – Family Edition Resources

Welcome to the Good News Bible – Family Edition resources page.

Download and print off useful resources, watch a whole load of helpful and engaging videos to get the most out of the Good News Bible – Family Edition and explore the FAQ section

These resources work alongside our Good News Bible – Family Edition. If you'd like to purchase a copy you can do so on our online shop.

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Printable resources

From duplicate activity pages from the Bible, to additional resources aimed at helping you engage with and explore your Bible – be sure to keep coming back here as new content will be uploaded regularly.

Bible videos

A selection of short videos to help you make the most of your Good News Bible – Family Edition and explore some of those difficult questions!

How to videos

Where do I start? How do I use the features? Why are the pages upside-down? Find answers to these questions and more in these short and helpful ‘How to’ videos.


Get the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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