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The Bible Course DVD (3rd edition) (Subtitled)

The Bible Course films on DVD. Ideal for small and larger groups to play directly from your laptop (if it has a DVD drive) or a standard DVD player.


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ISBN: 9780564015870

Author: Andrew Ollerton

Pages: 8 disk set

Format: DVD box set

Published date: 19 August 2019

What is the Bible Course? - find out more here.

A DVD box set containing the full 8 session teachings with each session on a separate DVD.

To run The Bible Course you will need to purchase one set of the   videos for your group (available as a DVD, digital download or via our new streaming platform) and a manual for each person attending the course. To purchase the manual(s) follow this link.

Key features

  • 8 disk box set full of teaching videos
  • Ideal for home and church groups
  • At least 1 box set per group needed
  • English subtitles

If you would like to get support and tips, as well as share your experience with other people doingThe Bible Course, then please join the new Facebook group. Click here The Bible Course Community | Facebook


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