The Bible Course DVD (3rd edition) (Subtitled)

Accompanying DVD to popular resource The Bible Course (3rd edition)

The Bible Course DVD (3rd edition) (Subtitled)
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ISBN: 9780564015870

Author: Andrew Ollerton

Pages: 8 disk set

Format: DVD box set

Published date: 19 August 2019

What is the Bible Course? - find out more here.

A DVD box set containing the full 8 session teachings with each session on a separate DVD.

To run The Bible Course you will need to access to either a DVD set or the online videos per course and a manual for each person on the course. To puchase the manual(s) follow this link.

Key features

  • 8 disk box set full of teaching videos
  • Ideal for home and church groups
  • At least 1 box set per group needed
  • English subtitles


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