Coronavirus: A message from Bible Society

Bible Society is praying for you and all our supporters during this difficult period.

Do please also pray for us and all those we are working with at this time. In situations like this, there’s often a greater appetite for engaging with Scripture, and that’s something we want to respond to appropriately and sensitively.

We hope that our online resources are helpful to you at this challenging time. We are also doing everything we can to fulfil orders from our website and have plenty of stock of our most popular Bibles and resources. Please help us help you by communicating by phone or email. Please do not send anything by post if at all possible, as we won’t be able to receive it or process it promptly.

We have an absolute minimum number of staff in the office (everyone else is working from home) and we’re still working hard to fulfil our mission. All staff have been provided with the technology that allows them to undertake their daily work. For those with young children, now at home due to the school closure, or elderly parents or others needing support, or those who will particularly struggle with the coming weeks of isolation, we have put in place measures to support them.

We are deeply grateful for your ongoing support.

‘We put our hope in the LORD; he is our protector and our help. We are glad because of him; we trust in his holy name.’ (Psalm 33:20-21).

What else we're up to

Light shines in the darkness in Covid-stricken Egypt)

Light shines in the darkness in Covid-stricken Egypt

As many Bible Societies struggle worldwide due to the pandemic, the Bible Society team in Egypt has made the most of a difficult situation, and been blessed greatly.
The revelation of the lockdown)

The revelation of the lockdown

The missional environment in Britain has changed, perhaps in more profound, challenging and hopeful ways than we yet realise. We are seeing a spike of interest in the Bible, in prayer, and in Christian faith.
Bible work at risk in 88 nations)

Bible work at risk in 88 nations

Without your help today, people in countries with fragile economies will lose access to the Bible because of the damage done by Covid-19.

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