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Bible printing increasing to full capacity in China as nation begins recovery from Covid-19

Author: Bible Society, 31 March 2020

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Photo credit: Clare Kendall

Bible production is moving back to full speed in China as people start returning to work with the threat of the coronavirus receding.

Amity staff members stand under a banner that vows they will strong stay and fight the coronavirus together.
Photo credit: Amity Printing Company

A staff member back at work at Amity in March under a banner that emphasises the importance of ‘safety at work’.
Photo credit: Amity Printing Company

Amity Printing Company is the only authorised printer in China, to print Bibles for distribution within China, and we work closely with them and the churches in China to ensure that your generous and consistent giving has the maximum impact.

Amity restarted printing as planned on 10 February after the Chinese New Year holidays. However, it had been operating at a reduced capacity for several weeks after a lockdown was announced by the authorities that prevented people from moving about and returning to work.

However, during March, most of the staff were allowed to return to work at the large printing facility, which is based near the city of Nanjing.

Your amazing support helped to fund printing paper used by Amity to make the Bible more accessible, more affordable and free to many who are struggling in poor or isolated regions. 

Your giving made a vital contribution to the total printing and distribution of 3.3 million Bibles in China in 2019, but the demand for Scriptures continues to mushroom as an estimated one million new believers come to the faith every year in this vast nation.

We cannot thank you enough for your continued kind support. It means the word of God is reaching people who'd otherwise find it extremely difficult to access, if not impossible.

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