Teaching RE and need inspiration?

If you're a teacher looking for resources to use in the classroom for RE lessons then we've got a week's worth of suggestions to help.

You could try Bibleworld. It's run by the Scottish Bible Society and is an interactive trailer classroom that visits schools, communities and churches in Scotland and Northern England. Linked strongly to the Curriculum for Excellence framework, the Bibleworld programme is suitable for school and community groups alike. 

Then there's Open The Book, which tells Bible stories to children in schools - through assemblies.  It's free to schools through the support of their local church.

Last week, a YouGov poll for Oxford University found widespread support for the teaching of Christianity as part of religious education. It questioned 1,832 adults in England and found 64% agreed that children need to learn about Christianity in order to understand English history. Reports said teaching of Christianity can be ‘incoherent, lacking in intellectual development or too stereotypical.’ The University is launching a new project aimed at supporting teachers with online materials.  

At Bible Society, we know that this is a problem that has been growing for sometime as our Education specialist Ann Holt explains here.

Other resources you could try: 

  • Empty Hanger  from Bible Society in England and Wales. An interactive presentation developed at the London College of Fashion designed to get children thinking about design.  fashion and faith using characters from the Bible. 
  •  Three Faiths Forum. 3FF are working to build understanding and lasting relationships between people of all faiths and beliefs.  

Watch this space because this week we will be making more suggestions for resources you could use in your school. 


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