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Pastor Prasad prays with fellow Christians in Kuwait.

Answered prayer leads to Gulf Bible ministry

Prasad’s life was a mess until the Holy Spirit guided him out of a pit of despair and into the pulpit. He wants to share his amazing testimony with Bible Society supporters and thank them for their kind giving, which enables his crucial ministry in Kuwait.

My name is Prasad. I came from India to Kuwait on a domestic worker’s visa, looking for a better life for me and my wife. We were very poor.

My wife became pregnant, but as my sponsor in the big house we lived in had prohibited it, I acquired tablets to induce a miscarriage. We left that sponsor for another job, and after a few months my wife got pregnant again. When we went to the doctor, he discovered a cancerous tumour in her womb, and we lost our second child. She also told us that it was impossible for my wife to conceive again. We lost hope. We became desperate. 

I had to work 12 hours a day, seven days a week as a driver, hoping to save money to treat my wife. We shared a flat with another family to save money. This family was a Christian one. They prayed for us. We thanked them but did not understand what it meant. After a few weeks, my wife started going to church with them. I allowed it just to make her happy. 

After four months of going to church, I took my wife for a regular check-up. The doctor informed us that the tumour had gone and that my wife was pregnant! It was so incredible that my wife became a Christian because she believed that Jesus did this miracle. 

‘Go to church’

Pastor Prasad

A few days later I was at a supermarket and out of the blue a man asked me if I was Christian. I said no. He said, ‘Go to church’. I did not give it another thought. I lost my job again. My wife asked me to go to church with her. I did, just to make her happy. I sat listening to the message but without any interest. 

After a few months I found a job in Wafra, near the Saudi border. The workers there were so poor and simple, but what astonished me was that they held Bible study sessions and looked happy. The regular support from Bible Society thanks to you enables these activities to take place. I remembered our miracle baby and started attending with them. The words of the Bible touched my heart, and I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. I felt that I became a new person. 

‘I loved my new life’

I loved my new life. I loved this group of Christians so much that I felt that I had to do something. One day I invited one of the church leaders in Salmiya to visit us in Wafra to share the Word of God with us. That night I could not sleep. I was thinking of doing something for these poor Christian farmers. I realised how Jesus helped me and changed my life and gave me a wonderful gift – my first new baby. I decided to read and study the Bible in Telugu with the help of my Christian friends in the Salmiya church. 

‘Threatened with death’

By God’s grace I was led to teach them the word of God. In spite of losing my job in Wafra, I stayed and prayed with them. When I returned to India my family members objected against my Christianity. I was threatened with death, but God gave me strength to stand firm. 

I left my village for the city where I started studying theology. I returned to Kuwait but not for any sponsor, but this time as a worker for God. Wafra was still on my mind and in my heart so I established a church there. I also pastor a congregation in a basement in Salmiya. 

‘Thank you!’

I cannot close my testimony without thanking you all for your support. The door of Bible Society has always been open to providing us with Scriptures and teaching material. The Bible Society is a blessing not only to me and my church but for the Christians and churches in Kuwait. Thank you!

This story first appeared in our Bible a Month prayer letter. By joining Bible a Month with a regular gift of £10 or more you enable the Bible to reach more people. Access to the scriptures changes their lives. Just look at what happened to Prasad.

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Author: Bible Society, 1 November 2021 (Last updated: 5 November 2021)

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