The God who Speaks: The Bible for Catholics

The God who Speaks is our latest initiative in partnership with the Catholic Church in England and Wales.

This initiative focuses on celebrating, living and sharing God’s word throughout all 22 Catholic dioceses. 

We want to create new and renewed encounters with Christ through the Scriptures.

We want to help achieve transformation in the faith and life of the Catholic Church and in the public arena through evangelisation, education, creative arts and social action.

Throughout this initiative we are creating great resources and events in collaboration with all Catholic dioceses across England and Wales.

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The God Who Speaks:' Little Bits of God' artwork

This beautiful piece of artwork is on display for the first time at Portsmouth cathedral. Called, 'Little Bits of God' the work will be the centre piece of Bible Society and the Catholic Church’s ‘God Who Speaks’ Campaign.

It was created by local artist Pete Codling who wanted to bring Scripture to life in a modern and engaging way. It focuses on key Gospel stories and the life of a Saint who is celebrated for his work to translate the Bible into Latin. It will go on tour next year.

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In partnership with Bible Society, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales has dedicated 2020 as The Year of the Word: ‘The God Who Speaks’. Here Cardinal Vincent Nichols speaks to us from our first big event of the year, in Westminster Cathedral. Find out more.

The miracle of the Resurrection was too much for St Thomas who needed to put his finger into the pierced side of Jesus before he would truly believe. This Lent, Cardinal Vincent Nichols reflects on this very theme in front of a huge painting by Italian artist Giovanni Battista Cima da Conegliano called 'The Incredulity of Saint Thomas'. It is installed in the National Gallery in London - a place where the Cardinal filmed three reflections for our scripture initiative 'The God Who Speaks' - a year-long celebration of the Bible to deepen our understanding of God's Word. Find out more.

Official Prayer:

Living God,
you walk alongside us and
speak to us throughout the Scriptures.

Your Son, Jesus Christ,
listens to our hopes and fears
and shows us how to live for one another.

Send us the Holy Spirit
to open our hearts and minds
so that we may be your witnesses
throughout the world


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