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Word on the Go

Everyday Life - Catholic resources

The Bible is a collection of practical wisdom and of stories about God’s presence in the daily lives of many people. As a result, you might be surprised how easily Scripture applies to your own life.

Your Story - Catholic resources

The Bible is packed with an amazing range of people, each with their own life stories and perspectives on the world. Reflecting on how God spoke through them - and to them - can help us connect Scripture with our own lives...

Getting Started - Catholic resources

Getting started with Scripture isn’t as hard as you might think. With an easy-to-read translation, engaging with the Bible can be as simple as reflecting for just five minutes on one sentence or passage.

Prayer - Catholic resources

Scripture is a fantastic prayer book. Praying with the word is a powerful way of tuning in to God. And it needn’t be a headache - there are many simple ways that you can use the Bible to pray.

Signs and Seasons - Catholic resources

Catholics have always recognised how words, actions and symbols all speak powerfully to the soul. By fully engaging with these signs and seasons, we can easily bring the message of Scripture to life in our daily lives.

Get Creative - Catholic resources

Throughout Christian history, Scripture has been the source of inspiration for many works of art, architecture, and music. As a result, the creative world can be a simple and enjoyable way to start exploring the Bible.

The Big Picture - Catholic resources

The Bible is a book for everybody, where we meet together. For Catholics, benefiting from the wisdom of others – saints and scholars, popes and parishioners – can help to see the bigger picture and appreciate the message...

Scripture Crash Course - Catholic resources

If you would appreciate some guidance before diving into the Bible, we’ve put together a short ‘crash course’ for you. In this section, you’ll find seven key points to help you get the most out of your time with Scripture...
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