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How do I start a team?

What you need to do

  1. Try to get at least four people to form a team from your church or with other local churches
  2. Attend an Open the Book training session
  3. Register your team - New team registration form
  4. Approach a local school to see if they'd be interested in an Open the Book team coming 
  5. Practise – you could use our sampler  Cymraeg
  6. When you receive your supporter number, log in or create an account on the website
  7. Go to the sign-up area and select a member option
  8. Receive your member pack. Full members receive their very own copy of the The Storytelling Bible and Handbook
  9. Full members have access to the OtB members area full of helpful resources and can purchase additional copies of The Storytelling Bible and Handbook
  10. Start going into your local school! Download our risk assessment form to help you with health and safety.

Membership information

Call: 01793 418355
Email: [email protected]

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