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Get started as a Storyteller

If you’re excited about sharing Bible stories with school children and want to have fun with a team, perhaps you’d like to be a Storyteller and get a team started from your church! You'll be joining thousands of others all over the world doing the same thing.

As a Storyteller you’ll be part of a team formed from one or more local churches, which will present Bible stories in primary school assemblies regularly, ideally weekly. The presentation takes around 10–15 minutes but extra time is needed for rehearsing, planning and prayer. Don’t worry if you can’t personally commit to an hour every week as lots of teams operate rota systems, where you give us as much time as you are able. If you can’t get a team together from your church maybe you could join an existing team. Contact us for more information.

All Open the Book Storytellers must agree to our Code of Practice.
View our safeguarding information.

How do I become a Storyteller?

  1. Book onto and attend an Open the Book training session.
  2. Be safely recruited by your church or sending organisation.
  3. Sign up as a member.


Once you have trained as a Storyteller and joined a team, you will need to be a Full (£20.00 per year) or Associate (£5.00 per year) Member. As a Full Member you will receive The Storytelling Bible and Storytellers’ Handbook – all you need to share Bible stories with children in schools.

Select a member option

Receive your member pack – Full Members receive their very own copy of the The Storytelling Bible and Handbook and access to the members area full of helpful resources. There’s a table which tells you the difference between Full and Associate membership.

All Members will receive regular news which has updates and important news. Fun ideas and stories from Storytellers can be found on our website.

Visit our FAQs

Download our Membership Ts and Cs PDF

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