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Put your faith into action and step out for Scripture!

Did you know that Bible Society was founded because of a walk? Over 200 years ago, 15-year-old Mary Jones trekked 26 miles across the rugged terrain of North Wales to buy a Bible in her own language. Her story inspired our founders to make the Bible accessible for everyone.

You too can bring the transformative power of the Bible to people today by taking on a walking challenge and raising money for Bible Society. Take your first step today by setting up your fundraising page.

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Whether you walk five miles or fifty, every step counts. Every mile that you cover and every pound that you raise will enable someone to encounter the Bible for themselves.

Why not set out on a hike with a few friends, or team up with people from your church or youth group?

This year is Bible Society’s 220th birthday and to celebrate we’re offering a special medal to any individual who raises more than £220, or any group that raises more than £2,200, for their Step Out for Scripture walk.

Lace up your boots and step out for Scripture together! We’re so excited about the difference you’ll make in the lives of people longing for a Bible of their own.

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