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Without your help, the effect of coronavirus on fragile economies like Niger’s could devastate local Bible Societies.

Your help is vital to keep Bible mission alive in Africa through the pandemic

This appeal is fully funded, please consider giving to these appeals:

The long-term effects of coronavirus may be devastating for African economies, putting outreach work in the poorest nations at serious risk

The coronavirus could be catastrophic for Africa. As countries try control the outbreak, their economies could suffer irreparable damage. This means that Bible Societies in parts of Africa without government bailouts and furlough support may close down.

Will you help keep Bible mission alive in Africa through the pandemic?

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The situation in Niger and Mozambique

Hama Yaye, who leads Bible Society in Niger, says: ‘The truth is we cannot cope. We have no economic reserves. People are surviving only. If at least we knew the end we could endure, but the suspense is hard.’

Revd Valente Tseco, leader of Bible Society in Mozambique, is asking for your help to keep Bible
mission alive in his country.

Your help is urgently needed in Africa, and it will make a difference.

Mozambique was the country worst affected by Cyclone Idai last year, and people in its Cabo Delgado province have been caught in a conflict with Islamist militants the past two and a half years.

Valente heads the team there. He says: ‘We still have political challenges and ISIS invade villages and districts day by day. Our country is in a state of emergency. We’ve had internet failures almost constantly. We are not sure what our future will be.’


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Here’s how you can help

Africa has more Christians than any other continent, and the Church is growing there. The work of local Bible Societies is key to reaching believers with God’s word. Facing catastrophe, the teams over there are asking for your help to keep the doors open.

The pandemic is awakening a great spiritual need. So this is an amazing opportunity for you to bring God’s word to open hearts in Africa. With Bible mission in great shape and continuing as much as is possible for now, once restrictions are lifted we can really start to meet the need over there.

Alan Kember, Bible Society

‘When my dear friends in Africa urgently ask for our help, I remember words from 1 Corinthians: “If one member suffers, all suffer together”.* They’re afraid they’ll have to close their doors. We can’t let that happen. We must be ready to continue vital Bible work when the crisis is over. They’ll only ride out this storm with your help.’

*1 Corinthians 12.26, ESV

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