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Viktoriia is down to her last box of Bibles. Will you help replenish supplies and ensure more Ukrainian refugees experience the power of God’s word?

Will you give a Ukrainian refugee the Bible today?

This appeal is fully funded, please consider giving to these appeals:

Churches throughout Europe are greeting refugees from Ukraine with kindness, but they urgently need Bibles. 

Churches in Poland are asking for your help. They’re at the forefront of supporting the millions who have been forced to leave their homes in Ukraine. The people they’re helping are bereaved, disorientated and needing to experience God’s word.

Will you give the Bible to a Ukrainian refugee today?

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Churches support refugees every way they can, providing food, shelter, and even language classes. An evangelical church in Warsaw has fed 5,000 people. But those people want more than food. In one day the church handed out all its outreach booklets. Every psalter in an Orthodox church in Krakow was given to refugees who have lost relatives and want to follow the traditional 40 days of praying through the psalms.


Pastor Zbi has an abundance of donated clothes for refugees but he needs you to provide Bibles.

Will you help churches replenish their stock of Bibles and reach out with God’s love?

Polish pastors say this is a second wave of refugees, more traumatised than the first. They’ve been through weeks of war and left Ukraine only when they had no choice. Many of them have been separated from family, including Dasha, a girl of 15 whose father, a police officer, is still in Ukraine. Parents won’t let go of their children in case they become separated. 

You can make a huge difference for Ukrainians right now. They have an old saying that when you’re in trouble, you cling to God. So it will make such a difference for you to equip churches to reach out  with the life-changing power of God’s word. Refugees especially need the comfort that the Bible brings, reminding them it’s love, not war, that lasts forever.

Your gift of £5 will put the Bible in someone’s hands. Your generosity will provide Ukrainian Scriptures to refugees throughout Europe.

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Valentin is sharing God’s word with refugees in Krakow

Valentin left Ukraine during the 2014 crisis and settled in Poland. He’s now involved in outreach with a Baptist church in Krakow. He says, ‘We are trying to support everyone. We don’t want Ukrainians sleeping on the street. Lots of organisations are supporting with food, but they can’t give God like we can. We can give Christ through our service.

‘We are looking for children’s Bibles so we can give them to mothers and children. The pictures in children’s Bibles help them remember these stories forever.’

Will you help Valentin and his church team provide children’s Bibles for Ukrainian families? Your gift of £20 will bring beautifully illustrated children’s Bibles in the Ukrainian language to two families.

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