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The demand for Bibles in Egypt is overwhelming. You can help today.

This appeal is fully funded, please consider giving to these appeals:

You’d be amazed at the opportunities to share the good news in Egypt right now. Our team can give out as many Bibles as you can provide them with.

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There are 10 million Christians in Egypt. They’re the largest and oldest Church in the Middle East. They’ve been through persecution, terrorism and of course, the pandemic. But their witness is powerful. More Egyptians than ever want to meet Jesus for themselves.

Will you help mission workers in Egypt bring the Bible to more people?

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Right now it’s only poverty keeping millions of Egyptians from experiencing God’s word. And poverty is a serious problem there. One in three people are living on £1 a day, which means that, as much as families may want to have a Bible of their own, they have to prioritise their daily expenses. 

Ehab and his team are asking for your help. They don’t want to miss this unprecedented opportunity to change lives. People want Bibles, and the team can give out as many as you can provide them with.

Your gift of £18 could equip a church outreach event with as many as 50 copies of the New Testament to give out. Imagine the difference you could make in all those lives. A gift of £52 could bring the Bible into the homes of 20 families who couldn’t otherwise afford a copy.

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Ehab works with churches to distribute Bibles in Egypt

‘Lately we haven’t been able to keep pace with the amazing demand for Bibles. We allocate a hundred Scriptures to each church, but every time leaders ask for thousands. Father Yohanna in Cairo recently gave out 600 Bibles to students and newly wed couples. 

‘The demand is overwhelming and the only thing that stops Egyptians having a Bible of their own is poverty. People here have so many needs – food, shelter, hospital bills, finding work. Can you help?

‘This is the word of God that changed your life. When you put it into the hands of someone else, it will change their life, too.’

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