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People in prison need to hear God’s word

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Did you know that in prisons, demand for the Bible is soaring? We have an amazing opportunity to take The Bible Course behind bars, allowing people in the most desperate circumstances to discover God’s word.

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We know from our long history working with prisoners that they are open to faith. Before lockdown we adapted The Bible Course to reach this overlooked group, and so far 26 prisons have run the eight-session course, opening up God’s Word for as many as 700 prisoners.

With your help, we want to seize an opportunity to reach people in prison even under Covid restrictions. Prisoners have been confined to their cells 23 hours a day during lockdown, but 30 prisons are open to broadcasting The Bible Course into prisoners’ cells. 

Your support will also help provide Bibles to prisoners. Last year 2,500 men and women in 51 institutions received a copy of the Bible, and 2,000 were given a special gospel book, Matthew: A Message of Mercy.

Chris Auckland
Prisons Engagement Manager at Bible Society

'Bible Society has a rich history of working in prisons and alongside prisoners, dating back to our very foundation in 1804, and I am privileged to lead Bible Society’s prison ministry and carry on that incredible legacy today.

'They are intimidating places, looming walls, snarling wire, and barred windows, that seem to create two separate worlds – the world outside and the world inside. But you quickly realise there are no walls to God. I’ve been amazed at the appetite for the Bible, and the power it has when experienced by those many are quick to condemn. We are working with Prison Chaplains, and prisoners directly, not only to offer them Bibles and materials in whatever language they need, but to get deeper into the Scriptures through programmes like The Bible Course, in a way unlocks the Bible and starts them on an exciting and life changing journey.

'You can be part of that, and together we can see the Bible alive in prisons, transforming hearts and changing lives.'


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