Despite the risks, 100 people ask us for a Bible every week in Morocco.

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Despite the danger, the church in Morocco is growing and the need for the Bible is greater than ever. But we struggle to provide God’s Word to everyone. Will you help put God’s Word into their hands?

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£15,545.20 out of £20,000 raised to help provide Bibles, New Testaments and Scripture portions to Christians in Morocco.

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200 Bibles


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To be a Christian in Morocco means being willing to risk your life for the gospel. Christians lose their jobs and face family rejection. Some believers are even killed.

Despite this, people in Morocco are searching for the truth and are turning to the Bible.

Your gift of £10 can bring God’s Word to the people of Morocco.

This work is so sensitive only a handful of people within our network are allowed to know the details. But we met with our Moroccan colleague to learn more about the work of the Bible in his country.

‘‘We need more Bibles in Morocco,’ he told us. ‘A pastor I saw the other day said he needed 100 Bibles urgently. Any Moroccan should have access to the Bible. We must provide it to people who want it.’

Our Moroccan colleague boldly continued: ‘Morocco is a dry place when it comes to faith. When I look at the situation, it’s easy to be discouraged, to think we are never going to make it. But we hold onto God’s promise. He will use our ministry to make the spiritual wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land of Morocco a spring.’

The situation in Morocco

Ninety-nine per cent of people in Morocco follow the country’s state religion, Islam. Christianity is seen as the foreigners’ religion and to declare your Christian faith is to invite derision and harassment. To be a Christian in Morocco means being willing to risk your life for the gospel.

Despite this, the Church in Morocco has grown since 2010, when dozens of foreign missionaries were expelled from the country. There are up to 40,000 Christians in Morocco today, though tens of thousands are keeping their faith secret. And our Moroccan colleague believes the Church will keep on growing ‘in number, involvement and bravery.’

Our Moroccan colleague told us about a woman who approached him years ago for a Bible. He said, ‘She had come to faith after watching Christian TV, and I provided her with a Bible and connected her with a pastor. Her husband was a tough, ex-military man, feared by his family. But now he, too, is a Christian. Their four boys and one daughter are all believers and some are training to be house church leaders. When you see this family together, they have love and kindness among them.’

Our team are at the heart of this amazing growth in the Moroccan Church. But we struggle to provide God’s Word to everyone. Will you help put God’s Word into their hands?

You can help

Your gift today could provide a Bible to someone who has taken the brave step of contacting us to ask for God’s Word. Imagine the difference you could make to their life, as they read the words of scripture, perhaps for the first time.

Our colleague and his brave team in Morocco rely on funding from Christians in other countries.

  • £10 can provide Bibles for two new believers in Morocco
  • £25 can provide 14 New Testaments in places where ministry is so risky we can’t tell you about it
  • £50 can provide Bibles to 10 new believers in Morocco
  • £70 can provide 300 Bible booklets to people seeking the truth across North Africa and the Middle East

Will you support this vital ministry in Morocco and help provide the Bible to those who want it?

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