Bike for Bibles

Welcome to Bike for Bibles 2021! Registration for this year is FREE and NOW OPEN!

You can change lives by riding your bike, and this is how …

September 2021 is Bike for Bibles month. Whether you are a seasoned cyclist with hundreds of pedalled miles under your belt, or new to the whole thing and still finding your feet, there is a Bike for Bibles option for you.

  1. Ride 300 miles in September 2021
  2. Ride 100 miles in September 2021 
  3. Ride 50 miles in September 2021

Ride as a team or an individual, all in one day or spread it out during the month. Do it on your turbo trainer or exercise bike, or get out there and pedal through your weekends! Whatever you decide, we’ll support you 100 per cent and the money you raise could do incredible things.

Select your option below to open the event in JustGiving, then click the orange 'Start fundraising' button to get started!

Join the Bike for Bibles event on Strava and keep track of your mileage. You can also share your progress with us and others taking part! Find out more.

Bike for Bible tops

Please note we only have a limited number of Bike for Bible tops left.

Cycle Jersey

Available in men's and women's fit. 

Standard t-shirt

Available in men's and women's fit, in white and grey.

Performance t-shirt

Available in men's and women's fit, in white and grey.

Paul and Zac’s ride

Paul and Zac couldn’t wait for September. They completed their 100+ mile coast-to-coast ride on Saturday 26 June. Despite cold and wet conditions, and the challenge of the Pennines, Paul said: ‘God guided us and provided what we needed when we needed it.’ 

He added that after nearly 12 hours in the saddle: ‘I think we have agreed to hang up our bikes for a little while after that!’ But Paul and Zac’s amazing effort will bring the Bible to more people and see lives changed. Join Bike for Bibles today and connect with other riders on Facebook and Strava.

The money you raise will get the Bible’s life-changing message to people longing for it all over the world:

In Africa

Your money can give Bibles to children in Malawi, where more than half the population is under 18 and the appetite for God’s word is immense. Or you could provide materials for Open the Book volunteers in Ghana, bringing the Bible to more families across the continent. 

In prisons

You could give a precious gift to prisoners in England and Wales, living without God’s word. Bibles distributed in prisons lead many to Christ for the first time, strengthen their embryonic faith and enable them to move forward together with Christ. 

In the Middle East

Your money could give the Bible’s life-changing message of hope to some of the millions of displaced people living as refugees in the Middle East. As well as the Bible, your money will help provide blankets, food, clothing and toiletries to families who have lost everything.

In China

You could provide free Bibles to Christians living in the poorest areas of China. Of the millions of people who come to faith in China each year, many live in poor, rural areas. Your money could get Bibles to those living without one and desperate to read God’s word. 

Looking for other like-minded people? Join the Bike for Bibles Facebook group and share your tips, experiences, routes and cycling hacks with others. 

Bringing the Bible to life

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