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Job_271742 - 1 year ago
Hm. I only signed up because I wanted to complain about my experience of using your website, which is just awful. Here's my situation right now: I am sitting in the British Library, doing research on Martin Luther, and I want to read through the first 3 chapters or so of Genesis. I have considerable experience of using computers and websites (well, I learned to program in 1968, on a mainframe computer). I have also, in the past, done a bit of website design. I have been trying to get the website to give me, for example, a list of the chapters in Genesis, so I could maybe click on them and get taken to the text of the chapter. No such luck. Maybe I have been clicking on the wrong links, but it's not obvious to me what the right links are. Here's some advice, if I can give it to you without being patronising: you should find out about your user's needs. I'm a user, and I have a particular need. I know that you have all sorts of different users, and they have different needs. That's fine. But don't be so taken by your picture of a particular sort of user that you forget about the others. And, btw, I find the pictures of Biblical characters, which you force your users to choose between, really yucky.



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