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Mark_108936 - 2 months ago
Im sorry but I am new here and new to the Bible. But this worries me. The translations are so out of touch with reality it makes me wonder if anyone really knows what they are doing.
I'll explain what this passage means , 'if your enemies are hungry , thirsty , feed etc..burning coals on their heads '
1. It's not a literal translation and I imagine most of the Bible is written poetry or a particular way of expressing things popular at that time.
2. It must make sense . Feeding your enemies is exactly what you want to do to subdue them.( Starve them and you will enrage them and fuel the fire )feed and water them and they will become complacent and at ease. The fuel for the fire will be forgotten or confused. (It will no longer be in the belly, it will be in the head)

Sorry but I scanned several modern translations which all seemed to be quite literal which is rediculous and shows no depth of learning whatsoever. Not to mention completely out of touch with human behaviour and wisdom. Sigh ,is all the Bible so badly translated ? What about other ancient texts ? I doubt so.



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