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Peter_799708 - 10 months ago
The earth was void, without form. God made the earth from nothing. God spoke light into existence and there was light. The Almighty God saw the light and it was good. Take note that there was already darkness upon the face of the earth. Is there anything good in darkness? Light is good, God saw it that it was good so God separated the light from darkness. The light he called day, and darkness he called night. Take note that God separated light from darkness in the very beginning. Day and night cannot mix, light and darkness cannot mix. Its either day or night, you either be in the light or in the darkness. You cannot be in light and darkness. Ask yourself, where are you now? Is it day for you or night?
David_151205 - 1 year ago
i need support to provide Bibles for some people who have just accepted Christ in my village. Aworodo D/A school
p.o.Box 96
Ajumaku- Ghana
thanks for your help
Moses_964042 - 3 months ago
ummmmmmm ok :)
Deborah_741958 - 3 years ago
Lol :)



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