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God saw that it was good: Genesis 1.1–31 (Day 1)

Our daily reflections follow the M'Cheyne Bible reading plan, designed for those who want to read the whole Bible in one year. Each reflection focuses on one of the chapters from that day's readings. Darllenwch rhain yn Gymraeg.



Lord, prepare me to receive your word. Clear my mind and warm my heart. Assure me of your loving purposes for me, and speak into my life today.


Daily reflection: Genesis 1

The opening words of the Bible are perhaps the most famous ever written: in the beginning, God created. The rest of the chapter unfolds as a picture of every part of creation being carefully made to fulfil its own purpose. There's a refrain that runs through it all: 'And God was pleased with what he saw' or 'God saw that it was good'.

We diminish this account if we treat it as a scientific paper; it's not a sort of alternative to the Big Bang theory. Instead, it's a radical theological statement: the world is what it is because a loving God intended it to be so.

It's worth comparing this to other creation stories around at the time. In Babylonian mythology, the world was created out of a violent conflict between deities. Human beings were made to be the gods' slaves. We live by the stories we tell. Imagine the difference between a whole culture founded on the belief that the world was built on murder and enslavement, and one based on Genesis 1. God made the world out of love, and blessed the human beings he created.

So this chapter has much to teach us. The world was made good, and we aren't entitled to spoil it. People are made to be blessed. God was 'pleased with what he saw'. Is he pleased with what he sees today? Some of it, but not all; and that's where his people are called to witness to a better way.



God, thank you for creating a wonderful world. Thank you that your love is eternal, and that you continue to care for your creation. Help me to care too.

This reflection was written by Mark Woods, Bible Society's Editor

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