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Want to find out how you can help transform your city? Catch up on these highlights. 

How your city fits into God’s plan

In the first part of his masterclass on a theology of city transformation, Paul Williams asks how our cities fit into the larger story of God’s purpose and how we feel about the cities we live in.

Are we rooted in Christ?

In the second part of his masterclass, Paul Williams says that the way to transform our cities is through being rooted in our identity as Christians. 

Seeking change in our cities

Social and environmental justice and prayer are the key ways to bring transformation to our cities, says Paul Williams, and they need to go hand in hand. 

The word of God is a game changer

The word of God is a game changer for our own lives and for the lives of others, says Andrew Ollerton. We need to develop a culture where everyone grows in the Bible, but especially the young and those who are new to faith.

We all need the virtues of gardeners

Gardeners attend to what’s before them, celebrating every bit of growth and every harvest, no matter how small. They watch, care, nurture and tend. Our mission as Christians is to be like that, says Natan Mladin. 

What is love? 

Spoken word artist Dai Woolridge brings an uplifting take on what he calls ‘the classic wedding reading’. You’ll be crying by the end. 

What are your hopes and fears? 

The pandemic embedded us in our neighbourhoods like never before, says Nigel Langford. But to see change come about, we need to understand the hopes and fears of our communities. 

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