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The Romans Course

Explore the Letter to the Romans

With video teaching set against the stunning backdrop of Rome, Andrew Ollerton presents this inspiring ten-session course that explores Paul’s letter to the Romans.  

Including ten videos and a Participants’ guide, The Romans Course will take you on a deeper journey, helping you discover your place in God’s story. 

View the Session 1 resources straight away, then pay what you can to unlock the rest of the course along with additional Church Service Resources.

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Your donation means more people will discover the Bible and its power to change lives. Because of the generosity of Bible Society supporters, we can create and offer resources like The Romans Course for free to those less able to afford them. If sharing the Bible matters to you and you're able to make a donation, please give what you can today.

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Once you have made a donation to unlock the course, you need to consider who will do the course with you. This could be an existing small group, or one set up specifically to do The Romans Course. The course can also work for larger groups or even your whole church! We’ve also provided some resources to help you promote the course

The course Hosts’ notes introduction provides more information about getting started and there are Hosts’ notes for each session to guide you. You will also need to download and distribute the Participants’ guide to each person in your group. Then you are ready to start!

Resources like The Romans Course are expensive to create, but we also want to make the course available to everyone who would like to do it. We hope that generous donations will help make this resource available to those less able to afford it, and support our work to build further resources.

Using the metaphor of a mountain climb, you’ll be guided through the Letter to the Romans covering these key themes:

  • Session 1: The Gospel
  • Session 2: Sin
  • Session 3: Salvation
  • Session 4: Peace
  • Session 5: Freedom
  • Session 6: Hope
  • Session 7: Mystery
  • Session 8: Devotion
  • Session 9: Community
  • Session 10: Mission

The Romans Course is ideal for both small groups and larger gatherings, and can be used anywhere from churches to homes or workplaces. It is also suitable for older youth groups and student groups.

The Bible Course provides an overview of how the whole Bible fits together. The Romans Course focuses on a single book of the Bible and is designed to help you deepen foundational learning from The Bible Course. However, it isn’t necessary to have done The Bible Course before The Romans Course.

The Romans Course is designed as an in-depth journey through Romans that could be offered mid-week through small groups or home groups. The Church Service Resources provide an opportunity to teach through Romans with your whole church on Sundays. You can use our sermon outline notes and other resources to craft your services and give everyone an opportunity to explore the Letter to the Romans. 

The Romans Tour

The Romans Tour is coming to various churches around the UK this autumn.

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