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Darllenwch hwn yn Gymraeg

The Bible Series: Experience a better story

A seven-part journey through the big story of the Bible for your whole church. 

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The story of life is full of questions – what brings freedom, peace and hope for the future? Help your church and community experience a better story by discovering the enduring relevance of the Bible. In partnership with KingsGate Church and Hope Together, we're offering free resources including:

  • Powerful testimony films
  • Sermon resources
  • Small group films and discussion guide
  • Youth film series
  • Children lesson plans
  • Spoken word series
  • Series book by Andrew Ollerton

Series overview

Over seven weeks, The Bible Series introduces people to the overall story of the Bible. Each week touches on key themes and relates them to universal human needs. In view of this, we recommend inviting guests (in church or online) so that they too can experience the power and relevance of the Bible. A suite of flexible creative resources is available for you to select and use to craft your services. Think of it as a menu and choose what you think will work best in your context.

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There are similarities to The Bible Course, but this is a new resource for your whole church to experience the story of the Bible. We recommend hosting The Bible Series as a regular part of your Sunday programme (and mid-week small groups) and then using The Bible Course as a follow-up for those interested in understanding more about the Bible.

You are free to use as many of the resources as you would like. We would however ask you to follow the linear progression of The Bible Series starting with the Introduction to the Bible (Part 1) session and ending with Hope: where is our ultimate home? (Part 7) session to make sense of the story of the Bible.

Ideally, we would like churches to host The Bible Series for all ages. We have designed resources for all generations, so your whole church can enjoy the series together. If the youth group uses the resources on its own, this will affect the opportunity for the church as a whole to embrace The Bible Series in the future.

All the films and pdf resources for The Bible Series are available you to download and use online or at in-person church services. We ask that you do not make them available to anyone else or re-use them on your website or other platforms outside of hosting The Bible Series. The Worship Songs playlist on the Leaders' Notes are there as suggestions. You will need to arrange licences and permissions in order to stream these songs. Bible Society is not able to offer advice or give permission in this instance and we would ask you to ensure you obtain the appropriate permissions and agree to the stated terms and conditions of use.

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