The New Testament (CEV) mp3 download

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The New Testament (CEV) mp3 download

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The New Testament – the greatest story ever told, as you’ve never heard it before!

Brought to you by Bible Society and dramatised by Riding Lights Theatre Company, this audio recording brings the whole New Testament to life in a dynamic and vibrant way.

  • Hear the compelling drama of Jesus’ life
  • Experience the journey of the early church
  • Celebrate the powerful message: the good news of Christ

Discover more than you thought possible – enter into this audio experience and encounter the New Testament afresh. The stunning recording is an unabridged reading of the CEV New Testament, performed by Riding Lights Theatre Company – featuring Russell Boulter, Israel Oyelumade and 31 other actors.

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Running time: approximately 20 hours.

Previously used as part of Bible Society’s You’ve Got the Time programme.

The multi-voice recording of the New Testament was created by Riding Lights Theatre Company in May 2010 at the Digital Audio Studios in Skipton. Engineered and edited by Dave Aston. The text was adapted for voices by Paul Burbridge, with assistance from Yvonne Morley.

Director: Paul Burbridge
Assistant Director: Yvonne Morley

Performed by:

Kolade Agboke, Nadia Albina, Nicholas Bensberg, Susan Beresford, Russell Boulter, Paul Burbridge, Tim Charrington, Ruben Crow, Fred Denno, Emma Flett, Nigel Forde, Bud Gemmell, Rob Gooch, Pethrow Gooden, Abby Guinness, Vicki Hackett, Andrew Harrison, Julie Higginson, Zannah Hodson, Chris Jack, Gail Kemp, Rebecca Kennedy, Israel Oyelumade, Chris Pearse, Patrick Pearson-Miles, Tom Peters, Jonathan Race, Frances Simon, Luke Waldock, Mal Whiteley, Rachel Wilcock.


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