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Nativity and Beyond: The Christmas Story Examined

Go beyond a casual look at the Nativity story this Christmas to understand who Jesus really was. This booklet is a perfect giveaway for parents attending a Nativity play or visitors to a Christmas service.

Nativity and Beyond: The Christmas Story Examined


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ISBN: 9780564049974

Author: Michael Pfundner

Pages: 32

Dimensions: 120 x 120 mm

Format: Paperback

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Taking a fresh look at the events beyond the Nativity story, Michael Pfundner asks the big questions about what was going on. Who was Jesus? What was he about? Was he real at all, a proper historical figure? Or is the whole thing about as believable as children in tea towel headgear pretending to be Bethlehem’s shepherds?

Many people are familiar with the Nativity story, particularly if they have children who have been in a Christmas play. But it’s easy for the important points in the story to get lost in the festive hype around the holiday – is the story of the baby born in the cattle shed as unbelievable as Santa and his elves?

Nativity and beyond looks at the historical background of the birth of Christ and explores the life of the grown-up Jesus in the first-century Roman world. It asks the question, ‘What could it all mean?’


Key features:

  • Short chapters, easy to read in one sitting
  • Pocket-sized, ideal to give away at church Nativity plays or other evangelistic Christmas events
  • Looks beyond the Nativity story to the meaning of Jesus’ later life and death


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