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Inside Out: Connecting word to life

A new resource for helping young people get the Bible off their shelves and applied in their lives.

Inside Out: Connecting word to life
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ISBN: 9780564049073

Introducing Inside Out: Connecting word to life, a new youth resource created in partnership with The Salvation Army. Inspired by The Salvation Army’s survey, ‘Listen Up’, for youth and those who work with them, this exciting new guide to the Bible tackles the questions and challenges facing young people today, including what the Bible says about who we are.

It features:

  • Six 'Connectives’ – pray, read, explore, question, dig, live – to guide a person’s Bible reading experience
  • Facts about the most amazing book that ever was … and still is!
  • Clear info about resources that will specifically help young people
  • Tips on how to read between the lines, get inside the story of the Bible and live out its meaning in our lives
  • Ideas to bring the words to life and enable young people to meet with God
  • Suggestions for ways of studying the Bible individually or with a group


‘We discovered there was an increasing need for effective discipleship, with discipleship resources being a key area for future development. That’s why we’re excited about this partnership with Bible Society in producing this new resource for young people. Working together, we have combined our unique history, vision and expertise to develop a brand-new Bible discovery guide for young people.’ 


- Phil Ball, Deputy Territorial Youth and Children’s Secretary, The Salvation Army


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Bringing the Bible to life

Bible Society, Stonehill Green, Westlea, Swindon, SN5 7DG. Registered charity 232759

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