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Nativity DVD

The BBC’s popular four-part drama series "The Nativity". This DVD includes a public showing license, and also FREE resources for churches and schools for use with the DVD.

Nativity DVD


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ISBN: 9780564039067

Dimensions: 190 x 140 x 20

Format: DVD

Published date: 02 December 2011

The BBC’s popular four-part drama series The Nativity brings the familiar story in a fresh and contemporary way. Writer Tony Jordan transforms a classic tale with familiar characters into a gripping human drama with an all-star cast.

With a special license to allow schools and churches to show the drama, as well time-saving, easy-to-use learning materials.

View the free downloadable resources

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For teachers

The creative classroom-learning materials – written by Stephen Pett, RE Today and author of The Bible: the Big Story – will provide a credible way of communicating the Christmas story to students.

  • Time-saving resource which covers the syllabus for KS3 RE
  • Provides a variety of dynamic ways to help engage students
  • Reflective activities and discussion starters
  • A unique, dramatic and contemporary twist on the familiar Christmas story
  • Certifcate PG, region 2 PAL, Length 120 minutes (in four parts)
  • Includes English subtitles

For churches

  • Give your church or local community a fresh perspective on the familiar Christmas story
  • Reel Issues discussion notes to support, encourage and develop discussions within your church or youth groups
  • Introduce the drama to your community during a Christmas outreach programme
  • Resources also include the report The Politics of Christmas from Christian think tank THEOS – a valuable tool which promises to surprise and inspire readers

The DVD cost includes a public showing license enabling it to be shown in educational, church and cultural settings provided there is no admission charge. It may also be shown in a home setting.

No extra licenses are required to show this as part of outreach activity.

Daily Telegraph said, ‘There are no gimmicks – simply a gentle, compassionate retelling of a very familiar story.’

Dr Krish Kandiah from Evangelical Alliance added, ‘The powerful story of the Nativity speaks of God's love for all of us. This is a great resource to experience the wonder of Jesus' birth in a new way.’

Roy Crowne, from Hope, said, 'The nativity story presented in this contemporary way shows the power of this event in history. It's for the church to authentically communicate the story which is relevant today to every community. The Nativity communicates hope in so many ways where people are desperate for hope.'

Lat Blaylock, Editor RE Today, ‘The BBC Nativity series will inspire some great RE where teachers use it. The portrayal of the story is far from the chocolate box or Christmas card of clean straw and polished stable floor: great performances raise a hundred questions about why this story matters so much and is loved so widely. I hope it is shown in thousands of schools – it deserves to be.’

Free downloadable resources

Schools resources - materials to help aid RE studies and engage students
Church discussion notes - support and encourage discussions with church groups
Nativity reflections - brought to you by Elizabeth Hunter from Christian think tank THEOS


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