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The Bible on the streets of Camden

Author: James Howard-Smith, 23 February 2024

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How is your church reaching out this Easter? For Hope and Anchor Community Church in London, Easter is the time to hit the streets in full force. ‘There is no better time to be in the streets of Camden Town than at Easter!’ says Jorien, the church’s outreach leader.

Last year, supporters of Bible Society joined in and provided 1,000 Bibles to Jorien and her team. God’s word reached the people of Camden free of charge, out of nowhere, and at exactly the right time. 

The church has a presence outside the local Tube station throughout the year, offering tea and coffee, and building relationships – ‘Just being there to chat,’ Jorien says. But at Easter, from Thursday to Saturday, it becomes something magnificent. ‘We have different things that attract people – a choir and drums and people walking on stilts,’ Jorien says. ‘It just brings us a lot of opportunities to talk to people about Easter and God and offer Bibles if anyone wants them.’

‘Some people came and asked if we were giving out free Bibles,’ says Agata, from the church. ‘When we said yes, they would get super excited and say, “Man, I was just looking to get one!” or, “Wow, I’ve been wanting one for a long time!” And for Christians it was an encouragement to see us giving out Bibles.’

‘We met a guy who works at University College London,’ says Kelcy. ‘He said this was his first Bible he’s ever had. He said he’d read loads of books but never the Bible, and he was so excited to give it a whirl.’

Bibles left over at the end of the Easter event have stayed in church to be given to visitors. ‘People are always eager to get a Bible,’ Jorien says. ‘These are people who have never read it, but they’re interested to see what it’s all about.’

The Bibles also play a part in outreach that continues throughout the year. The team knock on doors and give food to people who need it. ‘One family opened the door all together and we told them we were with a local church, here to give out Bibles or any help we can offer,’ Alyssa says.

‘The mum pretty quickly refused but, from the back, a girl around the age of 12 came up and very excitedly asked if she could have a Bible. I told her that she can absolutely have one! And she had the biggest smile on her face as she quickly flipped through the pages.’

Debora gave a Bible to a man from a Muslim background, who was happy to receive it. ‘He said he had been wanting to read one for a long time. He soon opened up about struggling to find a job and wanting to have community. He allowed us to pray for him. He was super encouraged.

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