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The Bible for everyone

Author: James Howard-Smith, 19 January 2024

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Photo Credits - Willem Jan de Bruin

One hundred and fifty five Bible Societies are working together to make the Bible available to everyone.

Bible workers travelled from every part of the world to meet in the Netherlands last October and participate in the United Bible Societies (UBS) World Assembly. 

This huge family of organisations draws on the words of Jesus in the Great Commission, each considering themselves mandated to provide people everywhere with the opportunity to encounter God through the Scriptures.

Elaine Duncan, who facilitates cooperation between Societies, said: ‘One of the beautiful parts of this fellowship is our shared vision for the future. We each play our role within the mission to see “The Bible for everyone” achieved.’

The breadth of unity across cultures was itself a testimony to the continuing relevance of the Bible for the world. ‘An experience we had yesterday, worshipping together – this big community – and that made me think of how heaven will be with all these people from different nations and tribes gathered together worshipping the Lord,’ a participant, Kirimi Barine, said.

The UBS Fellowship reached an agreement that details the Bible’s significance to today’s world. A joint statement says: ‘The Bible challenges selfish, oppressive and destructive worldviews and systems.’ It also explains the Fellowship’s commitment to Bible translation. 

‘We affirm that honest engagement with the Bible creates possibilities of hope and genuine transformation. To this end, we recommit ourselves to the continuing task of Bible translation and provision in all languages and formats, and to working with churches across all confessions, as well as other ministry partners and audiences, to develop relevant programmes and to ensure that every barrier of access to the Bible’s message is removed. The Bible speaks today!’

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