QUIZ: How biblical is your dad?


Want to know more about the dads in the quiz? Meet the men the behind the questions...

1. Does your dad mistake you for your siblings?

Most parents do it at some point, but rarely with such far-reaching consequences as Isaac, who gave the blessing of the firstborn to the wrong son. To be fair, he was almost blind and had been set up. Maybe your dad accidentally calls your by your sibling's name(s), but cut him a bit of slack – at least he hasn't give away your birthright. 

2. Would you let your dad pick your clothes?

Jacob had an expensive coat made for just one of his 12 sons – Joseph. Though you might wish for a dad with Jacob's dress sense, hopefully he doesn't show favouritism! 

3. How does your dad feel about your friends?

Initially a fan of his son Jonathan's bestie, David, Saul grew to fear him and fear for his own place on the throne. Saul tried to enlist Jonathan to kill David. So even if your dad's not the biggest fan of your crew, perhaps this helps put things in perspective.

4. Are you known for arguing with your siblings?

So we don't know exactly what Jesus meant when he referred to James and John as 'sons of thunder'. But we do know that these two disciples were Zebedee's sons... way to do your dad proud.

5. Does your dad go the extra mile for you?

Jairus sought Jesus, fell down at his feet and begged him to come and heal his daughter. Despite a report his daughter was dead, Jairus continued his journey with Jesus, who then raised his daughter back to life. Thank your dad for all the things he does – easy and hard – to take care of you.

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