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Prayers said for kidnapped Nigerian school girls

The African Biblical Leadership Initiative in Ghana has called all people of influence everywhere to speak out against fanaticism and for Boko Haram to release the kidnapped schoolgirls.

Delegates from all over Africa stood in solidarity with the abducted girls and prayed for them. 

‘The compassion was tangible,’ said Bible Society Group Chief Executive James Catford. ‘We stood there in complete angst and anxiety over them.

‘We are calling on people to take a stand, in their homes and their communities, and refuse to be cowed. Can Africa stand the pressure of this onslaught which is happening in so many countries? That’s what’s being challenged here, and that is what ABLI is speaking into. The important thing is that this is Africa speaking.’

‘The abduction of the Nigerian schoolgirls is very close to here,’ he said. ‘ABLI came out with a very clear position that the church and society needs to speak out on these issues, that the church is in opposition to any form of extremism.’

Conference moderator Lord Paul Boateng added that every effort should be made to develop Africa’s capacity to confront its own security concerns.

‘But what if we’ve come to the end of our abilities; the end of our intellect and power?’ asked Bible Society CEO James Catford. ‘We have to turn, as ABLI has done, and say we need God’s intervention.’

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