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Christian presidents of Africa, arise!

Call for Bible-based servant leadership and ‘zero tolerance for corruption’.

Beating billion-dollar corruption

A Ugandan woman judge who has fought large-scale corruption head-on was one of the inspirational stories of this year’s ABLI – the African Biblical Leadership Initiative.

Time to rethink leadership in Africa – top judge

African Christians must rise up into positions of power – and see it as a calling to serve.

Meet our New President

His Eminence Archbishop Angaelos, Coptic Orthodox Archbishop of London, is to be our new President. His Eminence Archbishop Angaelos replaces Dr Richard Chartres, former Bishop of London, who is retiring after 6 years in...

Exhibition celebrates life and work of pioneer translator

Wales has a grand history of Christianity and in October, there’s a chance to celebrate the life and work of William Salesbury.

Youth – you are the leaders now

Africa’s youth are not just the leaders of tomorrow, but the leaders of today, Wepnyu Yembe Njamnshi told the African Biblical Leadership Initiative (ABLI Forum).

ABLI forum aims to tackle corruption in Africa

How to tackle the widespread problem of corruption is a key theme for this year's African Biblical Leadership Initiative (ABLI) forum, in Cameroon.

Taking love to the least privileged

Two small boys are signing the 10 commandments, their faces animated, their hands moving fast.

What it's like having Open the Book in your school

Volunteer teams bring the Bible to life in primary schools across the country every week. Head Teacher Louise Youngman shares the impact made by Open the Book in her school.

Bible Out And About photo competition!

Snap a pic of your Bible on its summer hols to be in with a chance of winning a fab prize for our #bibleoutandabout competition.

Steve Jobs, Johnny Ive and Apple: Reading the New Testament with Leading Edge Designers

Join us for a great evening exploring how the Bible gives insights for creativity at work.

Mission to Wales

We've been working with New Wine Cymru and The Turning to support their mission to the people of Wales. Rachel Rounds met the team on the streets of Cardiff.
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