Open the Book presents prizes to winning entries of art competition

Paul Hobbs, a Christian artist and Bible Society champion has presented several prizes to children at the Christian Arts festival in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

The winners created an exhibition of pictures based on their favourite Bible story.

Aimee Sinclair, a year 4 pupil at Holy Trinity School who drew ‘A Time to Build’ was presented with the runner up prize.

‘Me and my mum worked really hard on my picture over half term.'

She added: ‘I have a little Bible in my home and I read it every time I go to sleep.’ 

The event was organised by Open the Book, a national scheme that enables every child to hear Bible stories at primary schools. Volunteers attend schools from around the country to use drama and costumes to present the stories to thousands of children.

Events officer for Open the Book, Val Ralston said:

'The competition has been a huge success with many entries and judging was difficult due to the high quality and amount of entries.'

The competition was open to primary schools around Cheltenham and was run from the 11 January to 21 February.

The Christian Arts festival invited Open the Book to take part in their brand new festival that has run across Cheltenham.


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