New research reveals digital reading habits

New research published by Bible Society reveals that Christians read more than the population as a whole and their preferred method of reading is using a physical book, especially when it comes to the Bible.

In the research, 7% of the general public surveyed by polling company ComRes said they did not read in their own time compared with only 1% of Christians.

When questioned about their preferred methods of reading, 8 out of 10 Christians prefer using a physical book, compared with 7 out of 10 (69%) of the general public. 15.5% of Christians (compared with 14% of adults aged 18+ in England and Wales) prefer using a Kindle or other digital e-reader but this drops to 7.5% when the book concerned is the Bible.

8% of Christians think that Twitter is a great innovation and builds dialogue and community compared with 14% of the population as a whole. 9% of Christians think that Twitter is egocentric and destroys human relationships - compared with 12% of the population as a whole.

Commenting on the research, Paul Woolley, Executive Director at Bible Society, said:

'Christians clearly live in the same world as everyone else. Churchgoing and new technology are not incompatible.

'It's striking that Christians read more and are slightly more likely to use a kindle or other digital e-reader, but it's also clear that Christians prefer using physical books, especially when it comes to the Scriptures.

'There's not many Christians browsing the Gospels on their iPhones, not yet anyway.'

ComRes surveyed 1,935  adults aged 18+ in England and Wales on behalf of Bible Society  between the 26th and 28th March 2013. Data were weighted to be demographically representative of all adults in England and Wales aged 18+. Resonate – the online Christian panel run by Christian Research, representative of regular churchgoers across the UK – surveyed an online panel of 2,294 Christians in April 2013.

The full data tables are available for download here:


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