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Hear prayers from the Bible Lands

Our teams work across the Bible Lands. Today more than ever, their work is vital. Your support is enabling them to bring the hope-giving message of the Bible, as well as practical aid. 

Pray with the teams

Nashat’s call to prayer

From Jerusalem, Nashat, who shares the gospel with the Palestinians, asks you to pray for all communities and for the restoration of peace.

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Pray Psalm 139

Hear the powerful words of Psalm 139.11–16 in Hebrew from the Israeli Bible Society, and rest in the revelation that the God of the Bible is our loving Father.

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Pray Psalm 77

Mourn with the people of the Bible Lands by praying verses from Psalm 77 from the Arab-Israeli Bible Society, recalling transformative encounters with Jesus.

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You can share your prayer for the people of the Bible Lands by adding a leaf to our prayer tree. And if you’re able, you can also donate to ensure at least one more person gets the help they need and has the opportunity to experience God’s word.

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Victor, who leads the team in Jerusalem, said in the immediate aftermath of the invasion by Hamas, ‘People are mentally and spiritually devastated. They are in great need of the hope and encouragement that only the word of God can provide.’

Dina, who leads the team in Galilee, had the same determination to show Jesus to people suffering. She said, ‘We need to build a culture of peacemakers and a community of forgivers.’ And Nashat, in the West Bank, said, ‘We want to share Bible Society’s trauma healing programme and reach people with spiritual, social and emotional support.’

Although they serve communities that are in many ways divided from each other, the three Bible Society teams are united in their aims and in their support for each other. Victor has said, ‘We pray for each other, we call each other, especially when there are high tensions. We have a testimony of unity in our ministry.’ 

Supporting the teams

Your donations enable a Jesus-centred response to this disaster. Thank you for helping raise over £70,000 to provide Bible resources that will renew the strength of someone experiencing war. Any amount you give shares God’s love through emergency aid and Scripture.

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