Rooted is a discipleship resource delivered straight to your door. You’ll put down deep spiritual roots, whilst your regular Rooted donations make a huge difference in the lives of others.

You’ll get a brand new box delivered to you every other month. Every box is carefully crafted to explore a fresh theme in light of what the Bible says.

Rooted emails will help you explore each theme further and grow deeper. You’ll get inspiring stories and bonus content, with useful prompts and reminders.

You’ll be making a huge difference in the lives of others. Subscribe to Rooted with a donation of £10 a month which will help others engage with the Bible through projects at home and around the world.

What's in a box?

When you subscribe, you'll receive a Rooted box every two months. Inside there'll be carefully crafted, themed content designed to help you engage with God's word.

You'll grow in Bible understanding and confidence as you reflect on Scripture. You'll be encouraged to journal your experiences and learn to see God's blessing as your roots grow deeper. And you'll be helping others be changed by God’s word, too.

Your donations

You can sign-up to Rooted for just £10 a month.

We live in a world where too many people don’t get stuck into the Bible – whether that’s because of access, availability or simply appetite.

Your monthly donation through Rooted will help share the Bible around the world.


To subscribe to Rooted you will need to set-up a monthly donation of at least £10 a month.

As well as covering the cost of your Rooted boxes, your donation will make a huge difference in the lives of others as you help people all around the world engage with the Bible.

Unfortunately not. Due to rules and regulations, we are unable to claim gift aid on donations when giving Rooted boxes in return.

If you would like to ensure your donations are gift-aided, please set-up a donation through our Bible a Month scheme.

Why not consider signing up to Bible a Month?

You’ll join a community of over 23,000 people committed to giving the Bible around the world, every month.

And by sparing the cost of a box every two months, you’ll know more of your monthly gift goes towards Bible work around the world.

You are? Thanks so much! Your support is vital to giving the Bible around the world.

If you’d like to join Rooted too, the best thing is to set-up a new payment via this page. Alternatively, if you’d like to chat through giving options in more detail please call our friendly supporter team on 01793 418222.

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