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Change my Rooted giving

Thanks to your monthly gift, more people are engaging with the Bible. To change the amount you’re giving, simply fill in the details below.

£5 is the average cost of translating, printing and distributing one Bible. An increase of £5 a month can help provide the Bible to one more person around the world.

£10 can provide God’s Word every month to two young people in Malawi, where Sunday schools are bursting at the seams with children of all ages, eager to learn about the Bible.

£20 a month can provide enough Bibles by the end of the year for a small congregation in China, where people have to share Bibles because there aren’t enough to go around.

Looking for inspiration? Here’s a snapshot of why some of you have decided to support Bible Society:

“The bible has been my passion for over 50 years - supporting the work of the Bible Society is a great way of enabling more people to discover for themselves the delights of God's word.” Alan

“The Bible has brought such comfort and challenge to me that I want everyone to have the opportunity to read it for themselves and to hear God speak to them personally through what He has written.“ Janet

“I am inspired to fulfil the mandate given to me by Jesus Christ to go into the world and propagate the gospel. I’m aware I personally cannot physically reach everywhere but my little contribution towards the bible - the word of God - will definitely go a long way to help people to know more about God.” Enitan


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