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Keith's story

Author: Bible Society, 19 August 2021

‘I’m a retired engineer. Since I retired, it’s been gardening, and bellringing that have filled the void. My hands are always green or dirty! 

‘Creating this garden during lockdown was an absolute godsend. Everything was on hold, but I could come and work here on my own. There was a lot of interest from people passing by. It’s been an absolute gift to be able to work on it. Gardening does restore your soul. It’s been fantastic to do this. It’s a special garden to me. It’s not mine, but I put a lot into it. The bonus is that it’s being well-used. 

‘I like to sit and watch it and listen to the birds and the bees. One day I heard a cuckoo when I was here. I haven’t heard a cuckoo for 30 years. I like to commune with nature. It’s not a replacement for church, but it does bolster worship in the area.’

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