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Julie's story

Author: Bible Society, 15 September 2021

Bike for Bibles

‘I was shielding because of health issues. I found it hard. On my first time out of the house, I came to see the garden. I walked round the corner of the building and saw the garden for the first time, and it overwhelmed me. I was blown away by it.

‘The garden gives me hope, a sense of well-being. Knowing I can come and sit here whenever life gets on top of me is great. I can’t believe how beautiful it is. It struck me as very spiritual. It’s definitely a healing place. It makes me feel at peace and relaxed.

‘Knowing that it’s based on Psalm 23 helps me think that God is leading us on a path. It feels like God is close here, because everything is growing. It’s given me confidence that God is still with us.

‘I have a mental health condition and this is a place where I can just escape the chaos that’s going on. It frees my mind and gives me energy too.’

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