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Jackie's story

Author: Andy Knight, 30 October 2020

During lockdown, I spent a lot of time in my garden because I find gardening very therapeutic. To be in contact with nature, with God’s creation, is important. If I have a bad day, I dig. It’s very good therapy. 

I’ve been tackling 10 years of neglect in the garden and have started a vegetable patch. I sacrificed half of the lawn and am growing beetroot, radishes, spinach, beans and peas, whatever seeds I could get. 

When lockdown began, our Bishop suggested that we all read Psalm 23 every day. The discipline of that has been hugely helpful. 

The words of Psalm 23 not only gave great comfort but related to my renewed joy in gardening. When my seedlings came up through the soil, I thought, ‘my cup runneth over’. I felt God’s goodness coming through the earth. 

The whole idea of having one’s head anointed with oil, and that goodness and mercy will follow me through the Valley of the Shadow of Death has been hugely helpful. 

I believe if you dwell on a text like this, you will hear or read, what you need to know. That’s felt very powerful over these last weeks. It’s kept me going really. 

Now, I’m really keen to create a community garden, inspired by Psalm 23, near where I live. I’m already imagining design possibilities and talking to people about what could be possible. It could be so exciting, and give hope and bring Psalm 23 alive for future generations.

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