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Father Steve’s story

Author: Bible Society, 17 February 2020


‘The church yard had become a druggy area that was misused by people with aggressive dogs, people with drink problems. Nobody wanted to come in. There was drug paraphernalia. There was some rough sleeping. It was an unpleasant atmosphere. It was intimidating.

‘A colleague made contact with the mental health unit next door. They were simply saying it would be great if some of our patients could come out and do something in your church yard. 

‘That was the beginning of it being beneficial to them and to us. It was very simple and uncomplicated. It grew from there. 

‘Now the atmosphere is peaceful, it’s beautiful and calming. I think it’s therapeutic for anyone who comes in.

‘The ecology is important too. We are handing it on to those who come after us. That’s why caring for this place is important.’


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