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Ukraine prayer tree

People in Ukraine are trusting God for a miracle. They’re telling our team that’s the only way out of this crisis they can imagine. Let’s pray together for peace and the opportunity to rebuild lives. Share your prayer by adding a leaf to the prayer tree.

Latest prayer leaves

Father keep us in Your love which you show us in Jesus Christ.Help us to forgive one another as You forgive us, for it is through forgiveness that are we are forgiven.May Ukraine be rewarded from above for being so.brave.Amen

7 hours ago

Ever patient God, please help Zelensky and Zaluzhny to work together with trust and collaboration for the better wellbeing of the Ukraine. Help them to resolve their disputes and as a combined force can achieve much more. Through Jesus Christ.

Kathryn, Manchester
11 hours ago

Dear Lord, please change the hearts of those in the West who are withdrawing their support to the Ukraine. Help them to see the importance of remaining a supporter and that the Russian way is not an honourable way. Amen.

Kathryn, Manchester
1 day ago

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Join us in prayer for people in Ukraine and for those who have been forced to leave.

Psalm 31

People in Ukraine are praying Psalm 31. You can join them today.

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